November 2011

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30. november 2011 at 16:52

Hello again people of his emma I have a story xvideos here not long ago about my father was still friends the other day, I stand at the bus stop when the car stopped next to me and asked if I was somewhere in a bloody cheek wanted to go I said to myself, until I realized it was my dad's best friend made friends always so natural to him to go in the car I was wondering where I was, what was a 2 for all that shit does not say much and he said he had told my friends of my father had a good fuck and it was true, I said yes and then he said, speaking of good sex mmmmmmmmmm wewas said thenhe is my wet pussy, I said, why not just found out whether or not we stopped somewhere, and got the xvideos seat and started dripping wet my hole now i Juicey licking their juices fingers, then turned around thong shot and I feel my pussy fucking hit me as hard as he picked up his ass to God ihave never cum so hard in my life was too fast, but I loved him and wanted more but had to return to his wife the xvideos next time we go to a hotel can not wait for the rain thinking of Emma.

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28. november 2011 at 22:02
Encouraged by the comments on my previous posts I thought it would be a different story with my wife share hot DJ... is a long time we had an apartment for 6 months at the center of the city, and the house in the suburbs xvideos - the truth was, we were close to the division, but has never really done, despite a short lease for an apartment ! n in any case, always in my imagination go a DJ and " capture" of shit - the closest I have this S sent home from the pub in front of me or get out on Sunday morning to get papers DJ of bed to do with the S that are in it when I got home... for a couple of weeks before DJ xvideos came home one night and went to bed with a man she had met at a club called.

The man had followed her from the club when they left home - which had a lot of big cocks in their past, but said the biggest guy I had ever seen and it was fully erect, with inch of him loomed the top of his trousers - they told me nothing happens, but no exchangeUmbra ( or maybe it was one of his friends who was with ) do not know why, but I remember it was a Wednesday night, I was in the house DJ at the apartment, which was xvideos designed to apartment to go, but DJ called me, asking to stay at home... I had a key and an overnight sensation that still haunt me and kicked me not to do ever since! turned out that one had been in contact with a very weak excuse is the guest apartment with DJ... S that it was a week later, as a DJ told me what had happened, and probably only because I have opened a text message late at night when she was asleep to tell one that left his watch sporting deliberately shit in the apartment with the intention of returning ! It was after I told the story of how he got a... They made small talk in the room when one said he had his dick and let his trousers and pants.. DJ said it was really as great as previously thoughtAnd I really could not not go with him as he knelt before him to approach him sucking before she began to undress left... DJ is pretty useless, and fun shaving her legs so the step of cutting the expensive Wolford stockings takes (another thing I always wanted to do! ) War, and was wearing it when one of her always enjoyed fucking in the room before going to the room to stop until the wee hours of the morning - the only thing I really said it was good, the largest they had and took her breath away, especially from behind... We have tried to arrange with us and s 3some for this game, but it never worked The apartment was a large 6 months, we had xvideos fun there with S and MMA, I would not be surprised if DJ had a few more goes with to - I do not regret that night!


25. november 2011 at 22:12
The exercise of the sofa last episode.. Dee asked me for a few days, her friend had a job and I always say no, although I say that I think, if she and her friend pull a sum into account.. and if not ask) just after lunch today with tea arrived, and as she bent over my desk, I caressed her ass and found it was a nod to me thatshe commands, I got up and closed the door office and kicked her on the couch, where I proceed to undo her uniform top and I felt a little vest on which barley pert breasts, who liked to kiss and suck covered me, then I had left my astonishment hand in the pussy and undo his pants zipper and buttons and slid my hand in, with her shaved pussy to play, I use such a difficult time for me, I particularly like the smell of sex in my fingers... If I had a feeling of relief I sat down and opened his pants and finger fucked told to give me a bj.. I asked if I aim to tell you xvideos, she answered, I wiI'll do what I say... I continued to fuck her face.. I love how it gives your mouth on my cock and how she eats, when I shot my load neck... Once he had cum, she answered, I never get used to swallow, but I like your cock and your xvideos cum..
I told him I still think about what your friend a job:)


25. november 2011 at 22:11
I had been xvideos comfortably for many years that me and my next TV, I had met many people, but few xvideosat third base, if you know what I mean! The more and more I was dressed I felt comfortable and at the end I was glad to walk the streets like me, Clare.
One night I was gone Reigate town when a couple approached me, he was very drunk, and she was a little drunk. I asked if there was a taxi stands nearby, unfortunately it is too late, but I asked him where he lived, and offered them a lift, which was only 5 minutes. I met her in the chat, both in the way bak to the car and she did not understand very clearly. After a lot of laughs and jokes that asked if I was back for a drink, to my surprise he said yes, and wow, what a night we had. The boy, Mike, was very bi and I loved it, but sucked as I enjoyed his other half, Jo, stroking my legs and finally sat up, so now is my vRecovery erect cock. They stood on the end of the night and we were all completely knackered in the morning.. Also, to my surprise, when they were sober xvideos in the morning, I wanted more. Maybe you want to know, you can see on the streets xxx.

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25. november 2011 at 22:10
Hal Jay and often in the heat of his love, discussed the possibility of a 3 - some of them: the pairs were more difficult, and nobody in his circle of friends seemed willing to " swing". Men have always been more accessible than women, but before continuing, and the placement of an advertisement. SH, Jay had fought a promise that Hal is not jealous of seeing another man have sex with her. In his opinion, this was never a problem - which was often completely cut another cock fantasize flexibility in it, but hairy pussy, Xvideos and the ability to see well ! A limit has never been surpassed, while Jay has no clinical objection, Hal had never been able to fuck in the ass, and is very tight and painful, especially in view of the hull, bulb, topped the short penis. Xvideos It was with a sense of hope that greeted Ray in your living room a few weeks of inevitable e-mail ping- pong. He was a quiet, unobtrusive and attractive in his later forties passiblys with a reasonable body - Jay is the fear of a large beer - belly were unfounded, but the separation process initially showed a very average sized cock, about 6 "long, with a thinnish head hidden under a long foreskin, some wine soon loosened first. tensions and Jay took the lead in the game and press the tail Ray excited surprise, since the purple head of the foreskin of a beautiful 7 erection. They took turns sucking two cocks, surprised at how it might be Xvideos very different: he pushed her butt against his modest income Ray first felt her moist lips, encouraged by the warm wetness soon had embedded in all its length of her Xvideos and began a slow and steady, which agreed with Hal rod of his mouth. As it turned out, Ray had not had sex for several weeks, and arrived very quickly - its first in fighting it, the next in the lower abdomen spraying, pulling out his throbbing cock, panting apology, while . Arapid reorganization of the bodies had come Xvideos to his wife Hal from behind as the residue of semen Ray Jay " softening cock sucked. However, it began to harden, as Hal reached his own climax, opening a reasonable volume hot cum in her pussy and slippery. I find that was, and although slow for a while, sometimes, the reaction was completed in the presence of Ray Jay sucking the hardness. Another adjustment for which Hal was on the carpet, at the top of Jay, and Ray lost in search of his hard cock bobbing in search of a new target. Jay was once again made ​​the train - see the tail of the head of the Xvideos rays simplified ", which had decided taste her ass. Hal Forecast implemented with a value of lubrication, a generous stream of his anus, a spot in the queue GOOG Ray drive - the head, and in a minute, when he felt his tight ring pierced. Gently, then more slowly as the head passes through the anal sphincter in its path. It felt good... no pain.. then, almost in ecstasy, since felt the entire length of Ray 's cock until his release. For the second time that night came much faster than I wanted, but the eroticism was convincing. Thrusts later filled the last of his sperm, which was little space left in the ass, squeezing some of it, as it is released. The same sense of eroticism as the next high point Hal, as they are to each other easier to rest on the towel covered with carpet, cum oozes not every hole. For the three was a journey of discovery ecstasy.....