25. november 2011 at 22:11
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One night I was gone Reigate town when a couple approached me, he was very drunk, and she was a little drunk. I asked if there was a taxi stands nearby, unfortunately it is too late, but I asked him where he lived, and offered them a lift, which was only 5 minutes. I met her in the chat, both in the way bak to the car and she did not understand very clearly. After a lot of laughs and jokes that asked if I was back for a drink, to my surprise he said yes, and wow, what a night we had. The boy, Mike, was very bi and I loved it, but sucked as I enjoyed his other half, Jo, stroking my legs and finally sat up, so now is my vRecovery erect cock. They stood on the end of the night and we were all completely knackered in the morning.. Also, to my surprise, when they were sober xvideos in the morning, I wanted more. Maybe you want to know, you can see on the streets xxx.

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